Our Services


Public Affairs + Public Relations

McMillan is an independent consultancy offering public affairs and public relations services across a range of sectors in Scotland - including in the energy, transport, minerals, commercial property, housing, retail, technology and tourism sectors.

Whether your company’s aim is to engage with political representatives, raise your profile in the media or build understanding with local communities, we believe our experience and individual approach can assist your organisation.

Our goal is to help our clients understand the political and regulatory landscape in Scotland and successfully guide them through it.

Strategic Advice + Communications

We provide impartial advice needed to effectively engage in the political sphere. We can set out a suggested programme of political and community engagement on behalf of your organisation so that the relevant stakeholders are fully informed of your company and plans.

We place a strong emphasis on active consultation and engagement - identifying all stakeholders who will have an interest in your organisation and particular project. McMillan has experience in organising, running and supporting companies in relation to public consultation, exhibitions and events.

As part of the engagement process, it is important that your message is clearly communicated to the media. We have worked with local, regional and national media and can build a purposeful narrative that helps promote your organisation and connects to your targeted audience.

Parliamentary Services

We can help set up and organise all aspects of a parliamentary event or exhibition on behalf of your organisation. We have experience in parliamentary events, high-profile visits and receptions - ensuring that the events are purposeful, engaging and informative.

McMillan offer political monitoring of parliamentary debates, motions, questions and committee business to ensure that your organisation is up-to-date with parliamentary activity. We can highlight Scottish Government or committee consultations that will be of interest to your organisation.

McMillan can assist with consultation responses, committee appearances and informing policy debates.

Planning + Regulatory Advice

We have experience of working in each of Scotland’s 32 local authorities and we are able to work across Scotland to assist your organisation. McMillan is able to take projects through the planning and then construction phase, keeping local stakeholders and the media informed throughout the process.

We can help identify and set out a full and tailored programme of political and community engagement for your organisation.

Devolution + Constitutional Change

Scotland is centre stage in the UK’s ever changing political landscape. The devolution process is continuously evolving - we are currently witnessing the transfer of further powers from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament as well as changes in the relationship between the Scottish Parliament and local authorities.

We can assist organisations analyse and understand these changes, what they mean for you and the impact on your work in Scotland. We believe businesses and organisations will benefit from understanding what is on the political horizon and being able to plan ahead. We can also help you inform the political process to outline the consequences of proposed changes on your organisation and sector.

Professional + Personal

Although we are a small public affairs company, we believe we can offer companies and organisations, no matter their size, a first-class service.

We have been lucky enough to work with large global companies, innovative SMEs and some of Scotland’s best charities - in all instances we have always been on hand to give swift advice and have successfully carried out the programme of engagement as set out.

Whether you’re a global corporation, small business, trade body or charity, we can create a tailored and creative campaign and assist you on public affairs and public relations.